#1 Reason Why She Won’t Hook Up with You

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By Bobby Rio
Co-originator of: Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Difficult to Get Girl

Bad DateLet me ask you this: Have you ever been to the dealership to purchase an automobile, saw a car you really needed, and still walked off the lot without buying anything?

Did nt you purchase?

You didnt purchase for exactly the same reason a girl doesnt hook up with you if she needs to.

Shes afraid of making a blunder. Shes afraid of purchasing a LEMON.

Its NOT deficiency of want that prevents you from purchasing the car…

What prevents you from purchasing it’s:

  • The idea of your buddies making fun of you for paying too much
  • The feeling the salesman forced you into something you didnt actually need to do
  • What will happen if the automobile turns out to be a lemon and now youre stuck with that
  • What will happen if the following car lot had a better car at a lower cost

Well, girls have similar ideas running through their head about YOU…

What will happen if youre a LEMON. What if hooking up with you turns out to be a giant blunder?

Imagine if you get weird? Clingy? Possessive?

1320475_vbOr what will happen if you slam her… and then never speak with her again?

She doesnt wish to feel silly. So its simple for her to put off going back to your area, allowing you to kiss her, or calling you back.

The same manner you inform I to the vehicle salesman m just searching right not prepared to get something, and now -even when you genuinely needed the auto.

So whats the alternative?

First, make her invest more and more into you. The longer and much more attempt shes put in speaking to you… the more her opposition starts to melt.

This easy MAGIC TRICK will have her working lt;<== use with warning.

Did you ever wonder why car salesman make an effort to keep you in the showroom? Since they understand eventually your will power will decrease and youll purchase the darn thing…

Well, its the same with women. This is the reason why if youre out on a date using a girl… its nearly necessary to get a couple spots lined up to take her BEFORE going back to your area.


The next thing you are able to do is raise her WANT to the stage where she cant say no…

Its a trick that automobile salesman call impaling the purchasing temperature…

==& gt; Do THIS to spike her want for you