10 Strange Contraceptives That Used To Be Common

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In modern days there are several methods by which you can prevent unwanted pregnancy and still love sex by means of your partner. Yet, in ancient times get it on without needing to be concerned about raising kids and people needed to be racy. And while condoms are not unusual and the most straightforward of man contraception techniques, the fact remains the fact that before they were devised folks didnt have creatively enough and a particular contraceptive they created several unusual and weird thoughts. Here are historys 10 oddest and most eccentric ways of preventing pregnancy.


In the good old days mercury was regarded as the treatment for nearly everything. So its no wonder that a few tens of thousands of years back in China, as a way to prevent pregnancy, girls used to take a chance of mercury after sex.

Moonlight And Magic Spit

Based on Greenland natives that are old, the moon is the reason girls are pregnant. Therefore, as a way to prevent pregnancy, girls would just quit before sleeping studying the lunar orb. For added effect, they’d rub their abdomen is spat on by some.

Gold And Silver Diaphragms

A forerunner of contemporary cervical caps, diaphragms are used to this day in a variety of types. Yet, in the good old days, diaphragms were the most famous method of birth control and while the inferior used oiled paper and beeswax to make such caps, silver and gold diaphragms were used by the elite. Of course hey led the Toxic Shock Syndrome, to unusual smells, discharge and diseases, but at least girls from pregnancy, right?

Honey-Coated Cervix

In ancient Egypt before having sex as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, girls used to coat their cervix with honey. Some girls would go as far as adding additional ingredients to the honey, including crocodile and natron poop.


In the 1700s, halves of lemons were used, because their shape resembled diaphragms and they considered that the sperm would be killed by the acid in the citrus.

Blacksmith Water

Back in good old early Greece and for about 1,800 years after, there was the notion that if you drink the water which a blacksmith uses to cool the stuff hes working with it’ll becoming will be prevented by prevent pregnant. In the very first World War, women were serving as volunteers in factories to be able to get accessibility to lead which will make them infertile.

Animal Intestines

The thought of wrapping something around your manhood to be able to prevent impregnation has been around long before the creation of the condom. Nevertheless, in common instances, folks used animal intestines, because of the shortage of latex either from a pig of a goat.


In order for pregnancy the Hebrew had a way of soaking an all-natural sea sponge in vinegar and then adding it in the vagina. There are a number beliefs to this day about birth and vinegar control, but the truth is the fact that it there’s no scientific truth to it.

Coca Cola

When it first appeared, Coca Cola was sold as a cough syrup, but what most dont understand is that in the late 50s and 60s folks began using it as a birth control technique by adding the liquid in the vagina after sex.


Diaphragms were a common system of birth control. While in a few states, as aforementioned, they were made of gold and silver, opium diaphragms were used by other states. This comprised the individuals of early Sumatra.