10 People Who Are Obsessed With Pizza

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We’ve all been there. It’s a Friday night, you’re drunk from work drinks and there’s nothing in the refrigerator worth eating. You pace down and up for several minutes thinking about the pasta from the other night, or there’s those chicken breasts which will go off any day now. But no. This won’t do. Despite your best attempts, you find yourself wandering around and picking up your telephone dialing the best number on earth that will lead to a small guy on a bike appearing outside your home within minutes, bringing a carton of cheesy, tomato-y good, liberally topped with imitation sausage. Pure paradise. But the majority of folks can leave it at that. These individuals, nevertheless, have taken their pizza habit to another level…

Aromatic! Adore a spritz of Eau Du Meat Banquet a certain winner for an initial date.




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