11 Images That Will Add Pakistan To Your Travel List

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The overall understanding is that Pakistan isn’t safe foreigners local lonely travelers are dangerous. But, the truth is totally different. Lately, Travel Diaries superbly covered Pakistan through a foreign lens…

Underneath are emphasized several people who had a chance to go to with the country and become enamored with its attractiveness, its lifestyle, and what it brought to the table. Your heart fills with happiness!

1. Mike Horn traveled to Pakistan via road. He tried to scale K2, along with two partners, and started off from Germany. He intended to ski down from the top. On the other hand, no one was able to overcome the mountain this season.


In a well-known video uploaded by Mike Horn, he said:
“Pakistan has been a peaceful location. The folks have been kind to us. They’ve opened their arms, their hearts have been opened by them, and we were given everything they had by individuals with really little. And that is what makes Pakistan an intriguing spot to go to. Individuals make it worth it.”


“We are extremely happy here, and we do not feel any risk,” said a collegue of Mike Horn, who followed him to K2.



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