12 Tips on How to Make the Perfect Selfie

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12 Tips on How to Make the Perfect SelfieThe age of selfies continues and we nevertheless find many bad selfies than great ones, though the tendency isn’t new. Why thus? Maybe nobody told us how to do it right, and there aren’t any rules. But as with photography in general, there are a few basic suggestions that is going to prevent you from embarassing yourself when shooting a selfies and can allow you to look great. Are you really prepared to get a bit SELFIEsh?

12 Tips on How to Make the Perfect Selfie1. Touch Up Your Makeup

Minimize the glow of your skin using matte powder for your T-zone region. It’s going to make your skin appear clean and fresh after working 8-hours. In order you do not look tired remove dark circles under your eyes using a concealer. In case you would like to accentuate your eyes – use an eyeliner. Generally lining your bottom lashes is sufficient to make your eyes seem refined. The lipstik ought to be selected based on your skin tone. Emphasizing your cheekbones may also add some vividness to your selfie appearance. But take care not to make your make up clownish and hefty.


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