15 Jaw Dropping Dresses At The Hunger Games Premiere

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The much anticipated ending of The Hunger Games is only days away from reaching on our film displays.

The premier for the fourth and final movie in the show, Mockingjay, Part 2, saw the red carpet struts down.

Everywhere you looked, there were lovely gowns the show was stolen by one dress particularly.

As she rocked up in a somewhat risque ensemble the pictures leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence, got her fair share of the limelight.

However, no one can deny that she seemed perfect.

She’s been catapulted to fame and fortune, which has done wonders for her fashion sense, since she appeared in the very first Hunger Games picture.

She’s transformed into a cutting edge fashion icon once famous for playing it safe.

Along with Lawrences lusty dress, there were a whole slew of gowns that dropped jaws on this particular premiers red carpet.

See more of Lawrence and her costars fantastic seems here.




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