15 of the Strangest Superstitions and Rituals in Sports

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We dont know if youve noticed, but sports players can be incredibly superstitious. It does make sense when you think about it, given that becoming an elite player requires unending repetition and ritual. However, some rituals are normal, and some are just weird! Thats why we decided to collected some of the weirdest rituals and superstitions and pull them all into one place. Some of these rituals are strange but innocuous, and others are, well… Youll see! Just be sure that you stay tuned for the weirdest, which is at #15! At any rate, here are the 15 strangest superstitions and rituals in sports!

1. Serenas Stinky Feet

This one isnt so much a pregame ritual as it is a pre-tournament ritual. When Serena is on the court, she only wears one pair of socks the entire time regardless of how long any specific match or tournament lasts. If the superstition makes sense to her, then fine. But, wed hate to be back in the locker room when Serena unlaces those tennis shoes. Can you imagine the stink coming off of those dogs? Woof!


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