15 Fun Recreational Summer Sports

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Summer is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air. The days have been getting longer, the temperature has been coming up, and the volume of clothes that people wear has been diminishing. The summer is an excellent time to take up a new recreational activity; one that will be fun and that will help contribute to your physical fitness. Are you at a loss for what recreational activity or sport to take up this summer? Well, weve compiled what we think are the best, ones that every person should try at least once.

1. Beach Volleyball

Depending on where you live and what youve been doing with your life, it might be several years or even a decade since you last played volleyball probably in your gym class. What you may not remember then, is that volleyball is incredibly fun, and its quite a workout. If you play volleyball on the beach, though, its even more strenuous. The trade off is that, generally speaking, the attire people wear is… Well, you see the picture above.


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