17 Beautiful Daughters Of Famous Rappers

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A couple of days past Eminems daughter Hailie determined to make us feel old. Well, she didnt do it by choice, but it happened nonetheless. After all, with her being 19 years old Eminem lovers are actually feeling the time fly by. I mean, who wouldve believed that drop be 19 and graduating with top honours from high school? Having said that, Hailie isnt the sole rappers daughter thats out wow us and to make us feel old. In the list below, youll discover their daughters as well as well-known rappers. You know, simply to provide you with a reality check regarding how old you actually are. Only kidding.

1. Hailie Mathers (Eminem)


Eminem is troglodyte and neither is his ex-partner, so its no surprise that Hailie is stunning. But nonetheless, can you truly believe that she s 19 years old? It may seem like just yesterday Eminem was rapping about her as a little girl in the majority of his hit singles.

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