20 Things Every Single Girl Thinks When She Sees A Couple

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20 Things Every Single Girl Thinks When She Sees A Couple 1
Being a single girl is kindof an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you totally adore having the ability to binge watch Scandal and stay up until 4am with an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but occasionally, you wish you had someone to spoon with. So when you see a couple in love walking down the road, or any place in public, a whole lot of feelings go down, and these are the stages it occurs in:

1. They believe they’re adorable. They believe their PDA is the best thing on earth. You’re made to absorb this couple who’s soaking inside their luminescence like they think they’re queen and king.

2. Do they need to take up the entire road?

3. Now you must walk in slow motion, and weirdly because you’re right behind them. But they’re going to presume you’re doing something strange simply being a creep or like smelling their hair.

4. The grossness of the couple who’s obsessed with each other practically makes you happy to be single. I’d rather make out with a bath of cheese and mac than be these couple that is sappy.


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