9 Celebrity Gold Diggers

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Lifes not fair. Some individuals, who for no apparent reason, are only after other folks money. Some do it some laundering, through racketeering, and there are the ones that get it through gold digging. Sure, the last arent just digging for gold, for what theyre doing, however they certainly are obtaining lots of cash. And, in case you believe that these folks dont exist in Hollywood, then think again. Subtle and not, this list includes some of Hollywoods most ill-famed gold diggers.

1. Anna Nicole Smith


In 1994, the then 26-year old Anna Nicole Smith wed a close century old J. Howard Marshall, an oil tycoon. The old man died the subsequent year. And while Anna Nicole Smith was looking to get some cash, it appears that Marshall didnt leave her any. Anna Nicole Smith fought for years to get a billion dollars and sough for legal help. The case went as far as The Supreme Court without the case becoming settled, and Smith would expire in 2007. This really is most likely the most clear instance of gold digging in Hollywood even though much was nt just got by Anna Nicole Smith.


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