Diet With Raw Food Perfect Choice For Weight Loss

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Proponents of uncooked foods propagate ingestion of processed and fresh foods of plant origin. The theory of this notion is founded on the notion that food must not be subjected to temperatures greater than 50 degrees on that manner are losing significant enzymes, enabling better absorption of nutriments from food. Additionally with such a diet is preserved sour base equilibrium in the entire body . Processed foods and foods with animal source acidify the body that make us to be vulnerable to disorder

There’s only one scientific study which deals with uncooked foods on the body with the effect of diet. German physicians have followed three years, the health situation of the Germans who ate uncooked food. A number of the respondents were some of them and vegetarian and ate raw meat. After some time, at a third of them was noted a long-term power shortages . Half of girls have lost their menstrual cycle , and a few of them had irregular cycles . They reasoned this state was caused due to low caloric foods .Diet With Raw Food - Perfect Choice For Weight Loss

To whom is this diet meant

Except for enhancing resistance, uncooked foods demonstrated great effects in diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which is a legitimate consequence of the diet without animal fats and refined sugars. Nevertheless, uncooked food can prevent and treat challenging ailments like cancer. The key is in significant part in the food that nutritionists don’t give much of value, and that are enzymes active substances. Our body also creates enzymes and they’ve a crucial role in several important processes within the body

Daily menu

Morning breakfast: Every day beginning with pudding or warm lemonade, grapefruit or fruit milkshake.

Lunch: soup, or marinated vegetables and lettuce and pate with crackers.

Day breakfast: fresh vegetable juice.

Dinner: a large part of lettuce, together with the inclusion of olives, tomatoes, cucumbers.

Evening breakfast: fresh fruit, fruit milkshakes and biscuits.

Thoughts for meals

Cauliflower salad

Half a cup of broccoli broken up into blooms, combine half cauliflower, half a pepper, three spoonfuls of lemon juice, a spoonful of honey, half a spoonful of orange juice, add pepper and salt. Let it stand for three hours and serve with fresh leaves of spinach.

Salad with red cabbage

Combine four cups of thin cut red cabbage, two baked apples, young onions, grated carrots, half cup of raisins, four tablespoons apple juice, three tablespoons of olive oil, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, add salt, pepper and permit to stand for just two hours at room temperature.

Cakes from nuts

Combine four cups of crushed nuts, cup of cashew nut that is minced, cup of sunflower seeds, coconut cup. In the concoction add half a cup of peanut butter, half a cup of maple syrup, quarter cup of flax almost no salt and oil. Knead with hands, place in the refrigerator when it constrict cut it on bits.