15 Hollywood Couples We Love To Hate

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So we’re all guilty of it checking out whats going on in the romance scene of Hollywood. Were all addicted to understanding whos with who its like one big incestuous family. And we adore the drama which goes along with it. However, what occurs when the play runs out, and youre left with annoyingly smug Hollywood couples whose imitation grins and lifestyles that are perfect are sufficient to make you need to shoot yourself in the face? Cant believe who were talking about? We bring you the 15 most annoying Hollywood couples.


1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ugh, excuse me while I only go and throw up. Oh look at us with astonishing bodies and our perfect family life! Affleck we recall your sham love affair with Jlo. And please shave that beard it does nothing for your face.



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