Is This Theme Park Real?

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A crumbling castle, princesses that were dead as well as a carousal horse being turned into lasagne- Dismaland is a far cry from your typical theme park.

Of course it’s not really a real theme park, its the latest work of Graffiti artist, Banksy.

Whos actual identity has never been disclosed, the cryptic artist, has described the exhibit as a household theme park unsuitable for kids and we cant agree more.

While the park still roams, they seem to be somewhat distorted to how we normally understand them.

The most shocking element of the show is carriage and a horse that has been tipped over, revealing a dead princess in -which is consider to symbolize the late Princess Diana.

The show is open for the next 5 weeks and sits in the spot of a split down theme park in Weston super Mare.

The graphics are totally terrifying, although it may not be for real.




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