Male Celebrity Yogis

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  • Zachary Quinto

4 Zachary QuintoThe star of Star Trek, part Italian, part Irish, component Vulcan is a devotee of yoga. Turns out Spock, sorry I mean Zachary, is a huge supporter of yoga. According to our Vulcan buddy, yoga is an ideal sport for performers who travel a lot. It’s easy to take yoga with you, because no special gear is needed and you can do yoga everywhere.


  • Colin Farrell

5 Colin FarrellColin Farrell acknowledges that some friends make fun of him for doing yoga. Nevertheless, he’s confident that it’s because they’ve never attempted it. It helps him stay in shape, although he says it’s physically gruelling. We get bombarded with advice on a regular basis, Farrell says it’s a good solution to clear your head for an hour, something that’s very hard for the majority of people in this era.


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