The Worst Travel Passengers EVER!

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Passenger Shaming is an Instagram account dedicated to outing those travelers that we all inevitably run into on airplanes. You know who Im talking about; the checked out parents who let their crappy kids run wild, or the obscenely obese man whos tufts of fat flop over the armrest and sweat on you. Maybe its the drunk college kids heading back to Arizona State University with no shirts and pounding booze. Whichever passenger is your least favorite, I guarantee they are in this gallery of A-holes. So next time you are about to lose your shit on the guy next to you, take a picture first so we can all share in your flight from hell.

Poopy Diapers


I notice a couple changing their babys diaper in the seat. I let them know there was a changing table in the lav. So they left me 3 shitty diapers as a thank u in the seat pocket.

Bag of Pee


This is bag full of urine that was found on my flight from Anchorage to Seattle. The unfortunate flight attendant was who found it. Like a trooper, she strapped on some blue gloves, and disposed of it in the restroom.

Get A Room

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This lady lets her fingers do the walking. Gross! Some passengers are oblivious to all others around them.


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