The Role of Women in Society

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The Role of Woman in SocietyYou have likely heard the phrase that guys wrote “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” As well as the women’s version  “Woman: without her, man is nothing.” Well, this case reveals not just the power of punctuation but the understanding of women’s part in society. Is a girl the ‘poorer’ sex? Or is she a driving force for a ‘powerful’ sex?

While guys functions stayed more or less steady through generations (being a dad, a defender, a hunter and provider) the women’s jobs have clearly transformed, and new ones were added so that girls didn’t get bored while guys are ‘ruling’ the world.

The Role of Woman in SocietyA Girl
“Women can wear jeans and cut their hair short and wear shirts and boots because it is ok to be a lad; for girls it is like promotion.” ? Ian McEwan, The Cement Garden

This might seem strange but the foremost and first role for a girl is being a girl. However, the inquiry is – Do you know the characteristics of the actual girl now? Of being female, the idea has transformed through the centuries. Being a girl does not mean doing house chores, playing piano and wearing skirts. In addition, it does not mean commending your guy in front of others, being timid, modest, submissive and keeping your mouth shut in the business of guys. Nevertheless, obtaining an appearance that is manly, and losing the distinctive features of girls isn’t the ideal. Being a real girl still means having a feeling of style, developing a specific level of elegance, having a female walk (because unlike guys girls may use their hips), and shaving legs. Concerning behaviour – it is not the subject of sex, it is the issue of etiquette. Because behaving ‘like a woman’ means nothing else than behaving like a courteous well-bred man now. Anyhow, what girls ought to keep in mind is the fact that gender equality does not mean erasing any sex differences between women and men. It is ok to be proud of it and to be a girl.


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