The Role of Women in Society

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The Role of Woman in SocietyA Employee
‘There are not many jobs that really need a penis or vagina. All other occupations ought to be open to everybody.’ ~Florynce Kennedy

The employment question really has been a sharp one speaking about gender roles. Girls discriminated on job interviews. Instances of sexism in boss-worker relationships. Select guys for management places simply because girls can get a maternity leave. All of these happen though we live in the 21st century. Nevertheless, girls keep beating the job market and taking the professions not considered ‘female’ ones. Of course in regards to physical training guy could be more robust. Yet, in the technological age, when the majority of the procedures are automated nothing keeps girls from moving up the career ladder and getting jobs. There are quite a lot of instances of women succeeding in top places, in different areas (from politics to science). An excellent point here is the fact that while guys work difficult to attain success on the job, a girl has to balance the function of an excellent worker together with the function of mommy, wife and girl (mentioned previously). And fair it’s or not, but Clare Boothe Luce said the truth Because I’m a girl, I have to make unusual efforts to triumph. If I fail, no one will say, “She does not have what it requires.” They’re going to say, “Girls do not have what it requires.”


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