Girl Power! All Women Are Hot!

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What women REALLY look like 1Fat. Lanky. Blonde. Glamorous. Exhausted. Lesbian. Korean. African. Fit. Poor. So many labels. Therefore many fake names given to us by society. And occasionally we come up with the question is that all I ‘m? A lot of stereotypes? Something that’s seen on the surface.

The response is no. Underneath the labels theres a real us. Girls are like icebergs. You cant judge the size by its own point. You must go. An Australian artist, Amy Hermann, shows the notion. Girls only the way that they are and instructs us to look for something that’s concealed are demonstrated by a robust job, started lately. Something which is much more significant in relation to the exterior appearance.

What women REALLY look like 2Before I tell about a job itself, lets take a quick test.
Describe yourself with 3 words words. Write them down till you read the post to the ending and recall these words. Now lets get back to the concept of the job.


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